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Carrier Automation Tool

IPBidders is a tool for IT Technicians, Sales professionals and individual business owners to source out IP and Telephony options. This tool is designed for users who wish to use one source for all of their Telecom and Data needs.  Our partners can find out all of the Carrier options and costs by filling out one simple sheet that includes name, address and telephone number. In 2 minutes, our partners will see all of their options for any of the following services:

-          POTS Service  /  PRI Service / DSL  / Cable / T1 – OC48 DIA / Ethernet / MPLS /  VOIP / Satellite / Mobile

This tool is a free service for our partners. Use it to see what your competitors are offering regarding service or give your client options as to what service they can use without having to call each carrier.  If a partner wishes to order service, it is as simple as selecting the service and pressing order. The contract will be sent via email, and the customer will be contacted by the Carrier for installation and implementation of the service.

Our Partners can choose to be compensated if there isn’t a conflict of interest. Please contact us if you  would like our agency agreement. Otherwise, use us as a tool.