IPBidders.com is an online platform which allows registered user to buy and sell IPv4 Address space.

Review of registration will take 1 to 2 business days. We will email you at your registered email address when your registration is approved.

Please click here (Link) to continue with user registration.

No. There is no fee to register as a user.

∗Separate fees will be incurred for internet connection

Yes. All registration can be made from all over the world through this online platform.

Special requirement or permission is not needed to register but we review all registration for approval.

Please click here to put a request to sell your IP Address. We will promptly review and confirm the details and proceed with the listing procedure.

To apply and obtain for a Transfer Pre-approval, please visit the websites relating to IP address transfer of RIR's APNIC, ARIN or RIPE.


ARIN: https://www.arin.net/resources/transfers/preapproval.html


RIPE: https://www.ripe.net

All Buyers are recommended to apply for a Transfer Pre-approval prior to bidding on IPBidders.com to ensure that transfer will be approved by their local RIR

If Buyers wishes to proceed bidding without obtaining a Transfer Pre-approval, Buyers needs to transfer USD500 as a deposit to IP Bidders.com. If the winning bidder is unable to obtain an approval for transfer from their local RIR within 30 days from winning, the deposit shall be forfeited.

No, you cannot return a purchased IP address. Prior to make a bidding, Buyers should conduct necessary research and proper groundwork in determining the suitability of the IP address for the Buyers’ use. Cancellation and return after winning a bid is not allowed.

After login, please make a bid after fully check and inspecting the details of the desired IP address. 

It is possible to bid by the minimum bid unit that is higher than the displayed price.

Bids and winning bid cannot be cancel or withdraw.  Please check carefully the amount of your bid before making any bidding.

A bid unit is the minimum amount by which a new bid must exceed an existing bid. 

Bids less than USD10,000: USD50.00 a bid unit

Bids USD 10,000 and more but less than USD20,000: USD100.00 a bit unit

Bid USD 20,000 and more: USD200.00 bid unit

After the end of the auction and after confirming the purchase procedure, we will contact you by email, informing you our escrow account information and the subsequent procedure.

Wire Transfer, Escrow.com, Western Union can be used for payment. We don't accept credit card.

A winning bidder need to pay the total sum of the bidding price for the IP address and necessary fees to be paid to RIR in transferring the IP address.

All payment made by Buyers is managed in a special escrow account which is separate from our regular trading account.

Our services fees is 10% of the winning bid price.

The Seller will pay the fees. We will remit to the Seller the money paid into the escrow account by the Buyer, withholding our service fees.

Listing (Seller) 

Auction bidding (Buyer)

Winning bid (Buyer)

Payment to designated escrow account (Buyer)

Confirmation of payment to the escrow account

Request to affiliated RIR to transfer the IP address (Seller)

Transfer of IP address to winning bidder

Remittance of money from the escrow account to Seller account 

Transaction completed

Yes. The IP Address can be transfer among APNIC, ARIN and RIPE.

Yes. Transferring IP address will incur cost. You have to pay transfer fees to the RIR to which the IP address belongs. 

In the case that the IP address belong to: 

ARIN → the fees are USD 500.00

APNIC → the fees are 20% of the cost of the annual fees for transfer the IP address block size

In the case of transferring IP address between different RIRs, it is necessary to pay transfer fees. 

Buyer will pay the IP transfer fees to RIR. The Buyer needs to add the necessary transfer fees to the amount of the winning bid and remit the total amount into the designated escrow account.

The amount of time it takes to transfer IP address depends on how long it takes the winning bidder to obtain approval from the local RIR. Normally, a transfer is completed in about one week if there is nothing wrong, but in some cases, it may take up to a month.

In order to speed up the transfer process, we recommend that you apply for a Transfer Pre-approval from your local RIR prior to bidding.

As prescribed in Article 10.3 of the Terms of Use and Service Agreement, the Seller should take the necessary actions to transfer the IP address within three (3) business days after receipt of confirmation that the payment from the Buyer have been completed. For further details please see the Term of Uses and Service Agreement (Link)

All currencies displayed on IPbidders.com and charged are in U.S. dollars (USD).  Please remit any payment in USD.

Seller can list IP addresses at fixed price marked as “Buy Now” and Buyer can purchase such IP address at the price without a competitive bidding. 

The transferring process of the IP address after purchasing is the same as those to winning a bid in an auction. Buyer needs to apply to their local RIR for the transfer of the IP address.

After login, select “Personal Information” from “My Account”, and change your password by selecting “Change Password” .