About Us


IPBIDDERS.COM is an auction-based trading platform which connects those who wish to sell and buy IPv4 addresses. Since IPv4 marketing is taking place beyond nations and regions, having strong links with the Asia-Pacific region becomes our strenghth when handling global transactions. The use of escrow accounts prevents financial problems beforehand which will lead to a safe and smooth trading.

Service unique to IPBIDDERS.COM

  • Global Strategy

    IPBIDDERS.COM can act globally when you trade IPv4 addresses across different countries and regions. We can offer a smooth transaction by releasing pressure off from you in language differences and business practices you may face.

  • Safe and secure transaction

    IPBIDDERS.COM facilitates safe and smooth trading using escrow accounts. Making advance payment and prior IP address transferal as a standardized specification prevents financial problems from occuring beforehand.

  • Generous support system

    IPBIDDERS.COM facilitates bidding, buying and selling addresses between registered buyers and sellers, so you do not have to find a transaction partner on you own. All IPv4 addresses registered on the site has passed a check up by our company. Using our site enables comfortable transactions backed up with a generous support system and quick response.

Our Team

  • CEO
  • Engineer
  • Support Staff
  • General Affairs

Company Profile

IP Bidders.com PTE LTD. was fouded in May 18th 2017 mainly offering services to our worldwide clients in the fields of web hosting and other hosting services (cloud hosting, server hosting, data hosting and so on).


SINGAPORE (088443)

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