Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy (this “Policy”) sets out how we, IP BIDDERS.COM PTE. LTD. (“we”, “our”, or “us”), collect, use and handle information obtained from you (“User Information”) in connection with your use of our services (the “Services”).


Article 1 (General Provisions)

1.1 We use commercially reasonable efforts to protect and handle User Information properly by complying with this Policy, the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (the “Act”) and other relevant laws and regulations.

1.2 Any separate terms and conditions or rules we may establish within the Services in relation to our handling of User Information will also be applicable in addition to this Policy. If any provision of such separate terms or rules conflict with any provision of this Policy, this Policy shall prevail.

1.3 This Policy is not applicable to any external services (“External Services”) provided by third-party service providers. For information regarding the handling of User Information in connection with External Services, please refer to the privacy policies or terms and conditions separately established by the respective External Service providers.


Article 2 (Definition of User Information and Appropriate Collection of Information)

2.1 The term “User Information” as used herein includes personal information as defined under Article 2, Paragraph 1 of the Act (“Personal Information”) and the following information:

(1) Information collected from you may include, your name, the company or organization you belong to; employment position, gender, residential or business address, email address or telephone number or any other information necessary to provide you with the Services; and

 (2) Information collected by us, may include, information on the pages you view, the links you click and other action taken in connection with our website. We also may collect certain standard information that your browser sends, such as your IP address, MAC address and other device specific IDs, access logs, usage history, browser type and language, access times and referring web site address.

2.2 We may use cookies and similar technologies in connection with the Services. A cookie is an industry-standard technology that allow web servers to recognize information about your device, but does not allow servers to identify your personal information and you individually. You may choose to disable cookies by changing your device setting; however, by doing so, some or all of the Services may not function properly without cookies.

2.3 The User Information we collect is appropriately obtained based only upon your use of the Services and it is not obtained through any illegal means or deceptive acts by us. In addition, in the event we collect User Information from sources other than from your using the Services, we will notify you to that effect in advance either privately or through public announcements, and in addition, we will inform you about the purpose of its use. 


Article 3 (Purposes of Use)

3.1 We strive to appropriately use User Information only to the extent to carry out the transaction you have requested and to communicate with you through various media. We may send certain communication such as email, reminders and information on our business transactions, and/or transaction related data. We may also use the User Information to maintain and improve our website and the Services by analyzing the information received and collected.  Without your consent, we will never use User Information for any purpose other than the purposes set out in this Policy.

3.2 We may revise the purposes of use provided for in the preceding paragraph to the extent that such revision is deemed to be reasonably related to the original purposes of use, upon which we will either notify you privately or make an announcement publicly to that effect through procedures separately established by us.


Article 4 (Protection of Personal Information)

We will take appropriate measures to properly maintain Personal Information by assigning a person (or persons) in charge of managing Personal Information, making our best efforts to prevent unauthorized access of, loss of, falsification of, and leakage of Personal Information, and prevent other similar misappropriate acts in handling Personal Information.


Article 5 (Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties)

5.1 We will not provide Personal Information to any third parties without prior consent form you except under the following circumstances:

  1. When laws or regulations require we provide your Personal Information;
  2. When it is necessary to protect the life, body or property of an individual, and  it is difficult to obtain your consent due to circumstances;
  3. When it is necessary for improving public health or ensuring the well-being of children, and it is difficult to obtain your consent due to circumstances; or
  4. When it is necessary for cooperating with government agencies, local public bodies, or any agents thereof, in executing the affairs prescribed by laws or regulations, and obtaining your consent is likely to impede the execution of the affairs concerned; or 

5.2 Subject to Article 3 and 5.1 herein, when we provided Personal Information to a third party, we will make and maintain a record of the following matters:  

(1) The confirmation of your consent 

(2) The identity or name of the third party and information sufficient to identify the third party

(3) The name of the person identified by the Personal Information and other information sufficient to identify that person

(4) The details of the Personal Information being provided to the third party 

5.3 We may provide the Personal Information to a third party by email or other manners to the extent of the Purpose of Use set out in Article 3.1, if we have in advance notified the Personal Information Protection Commission and you of such act. However, we will stop providing the Personal Information to the third party when you give us the notice of such in accordance with the manner prescribed in Article 11 herein.

5.4 Notwithstanding the provision in this Article, in principle, we do not provide Personal Information to any third parties, except in the manner where such provision is permitted by applicable laws and regulations. 

Article 6 (Provision to Third party in a Foreign Country)

Except for the circumstances prescribed in Article 5.1, when we provide Personal Information to a third party in a foreign country or region located outside the territory of Japan, we will only provide the Personal Information to those having an established system conforming to the standard prescribed by rules of the Personal Information Protection Commission and with prior consent from you. 


Article 7 (Outsourcing)

We may outsource the handling or management of Personal Information, in whole or in part, to one or more independent services provider, upon which we will in advance execute a confidentiality agreement with the terms and conditions that conform to the provisions of this Policy with each of the respective companies, and conduct necessary and appropriate supervision to ensure proper and safe management of the Personal Information.


Article 8 (Sharing of Personal Information)

We have the right to share Personal Information with our trusted partners, but only to the extent necessary for them to enhance our services, upon which we will notify you of or publicly announce in advance: types of information to be shared, the names of such partners, purpose of use, and names of persons in charge for managing such information.


Article 9 (Information Gathering Modules) 

Incorporated in the Services are modules that enable us to gather and analyze information on service usage, the Services themselves, and other services. Accordingly, we may provide User Information to module service providers. The information gathered by modules use Cookies and other technologies to collect User Information, but do not collect any information that identifies you personally. The information collected is managed in accordance with the privacy policies and other terms and conditions established by the respective providers.


Article 10 (Insuring the Security of User Information)

10.1  For the purpose of preventing any leakage, loss or damage of User Information, we take necessary and appropriate measures to securely manage User Information by allowing only minimal and limited access to files containing Personal Information, maintaining access logs, and installing security software.

10.2 We appoint our representative director as the person in charge to properly manage User Information and to continuously make improvements in the quality of such management.


Article11 (Retrieval, Correction, Addition, and Deletion of Personal Information)

11.1 You may submit a request to retrieve, correct, add, and/or delete Personal Information you have previously provided us, by following the procedure below:

  1. Submit a request using the designated form on our website, or send a completed form by postal service together with a copy of a document that can verify your actual identity (or a document verifying the authority of your agent, if you are requesting through an agent). 
  2. Upon our verifying your identity pursuant to the preceding item 1, we will fulfill your request, to the extent deemed reasonable by us. However, there may be circumstances under which we may not be able to accommodate your request, such as when we are not required to fulfill your request under the Act or other relevant laws or regulations, when you repeatedly make the same requests without justifiable grounds, or if such retrievals, corrections, additions or deletions require work by us that we deem to be excessively technical.


Article12 (Revisions)

12.1 We use commercially reasonable efforts to continuously review and improve our handling of User Information, and may revise this Policy from time to time as necessary.

12.2 We will notify you of any revisions to this Policy by announcing such revisions on our website or through other means that can be easily accessed and viewed. However, if we are required by applicable laws or regulations to obtain your consent in order for us to make certain revisions, then we will obtain your consent in a manner separately established by us.


Article13 (Inquiries)

For any inquiries regarding our handling of User Information, including any suggestions, questions, complaints or comments, please contact our Personal Information Help Desk at:



Personal Information Help Desk



Article14 (Language)

The original language of this Policy is Japanese and any translation, including this English translation, shall serve only as a guide to interpretation.

Effective 20th May, 2020